What is Link Charity?

Our Founder and current Board Chair Harry Houtman has been in the philanthropic charitable world since the mid 1970's. After decades of service in a variety of charities, he saw a real need to simplify the administration and provide adequate tools for linking together donors and charities towards planned giving initiatives. The result was the creation of Link Charity Canada Inc.

Portrait of cheerful extended family standing outside their house. Happy family standing outside and looking at camera. Parents with grandparents e children enjoying vacation together.Link Charity started in 1998, and is a registered charity providing valuable service operating as a 'link' between donors and their charities. Link Charity offers service, tools, education, and guidance in gift planning for individuals and for charities. In its latest fiscal, Link Charity provided $12.1 million to 758 charities in Canada.


Link Charity initially started with 5 member charities linked under its service, and today is serving 44 charities across Canada (with room for more).

How Can Link Charity Help You?

The giving tools within Link Charity's toolbox are current, relevant and designed to be attractive to both the individual and the charity. Regardless of your situation, Link Charity has a donation option to fulfill your needs.

Our Core Values

Senior man teaching his grandson to fish at a lake 
Integrity - We value honesty and integrity in our communications with donors and members.

Efficiency - We value management principles that enhance the performance and transparency of our service.

Stewardship - We value principles of careful and trustworthy use of all funds.

Members - We value members and respect the distinctions they hold based on Judeo-Christian principles.

Donors - We value the individuals and institutions that we work with and respect the confidence placed in Link Charity.

Generosity - We value the spirit of sharing and giving that multiples resources.

Shared Leadership - We value the wisdom of members' voices for operations and policy.

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