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As a member charity with Link Charity, we provide all the resources and guidance you need to succeed in the gift planning world.

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Link Charity Marketing Material

Link Charity General Brochure featuring George and Helen

Below you will find downloadable PDF materials that you can use to inform your donors about gift planning. The materials are generic (with no logos). However, we would be happy to customize these materials to your charity. Please contact usto request your customized materials.


  • One sided General Donor Marketing Pamphlet – fits a #10 envelope
  • Two sided General Donor Marketing Pamphlet – fits a #10 envelope

Let us customize this material for your charity’s needs.

If you require marketing material which is not available above, let us work with you to create specific peices to meet your needs.

Link Charity’s Giving Tools Marketing Material

Planning Giving can be confusing. There are alot of options available and providing effective information about each option is essential. For this reason, extensive marketing material has been created for you to utilize.

Gift Planning Webpages

To simplify the information available a webpage has been dedicated to each of the gift. On each Gift Planning webpage you will find:

  • one line description of the giving tool
  • one paragraph description of the giving tool
  • letter size bulletin for mail outs
  • giving tool brochure

Charitable Gift Annuities

Gifts of Securities

RRSP/RRIF Contribution

Donor Advised Funds


Life Insurance Donations

Charitable Loan Agreements

Gift Planning Quick Facts Chart

This is a highly effective one page chart which simply outlines and compares each giving tool. To obtain a Gift Planning Chart of the Gift Planning Quick Facts Chart.


Click on the form name to obtain a PDF file.

Charitable Gift Annuity Form

Charitable Loan Agreement Application

Change of Beneficiary Form

Distribution of Proceeds Letter of Direction form

Direct Transfer of Stock or Mutual Funds form

Donor Account Application Form

Link Charity Logo

As a membered charity we encourage you to provide Link Charity’s information on your website.

Low resolution Link Charity Logo – 72 dpi (perfect for websites)

High resolution Link Charity Logo – 300 dpi