Becoming a Link Charity Member

Old people senior couple elderly man and woman. Outdoor family having fun with happy grandpa and grandma hugging boy at picnic in park.Link Charity exists to serve our member charities in ways that are extremely available, affordable and accountable. We become an extension of your donor/fund development department. By simply applying and being accepted as one of our members you are choosing to bring awareness and sustainable resources to your organization.

Benefits of Membership:

  1. Dedicated expert advise to you, your donors and your staff in areas of planned giving and estate planning.
  2. Low to no cost marketing tools to help in your promotion of planned giving.
  3. A voice on decisions and plans for Link Charity as a representative vote at our AGM, and potential Board member.
  4. Higher than average return on investments for your donors.
  5. Referral reimbursement plan that potentially pays back your entire annual dues.

Link Charity’s Services include:

  • Quality marketing pieces that make the promotion of gift planning simple for you and your staff.
  • Seminars and workshops to your donors on topics related to gift planning and estate needs. We will often partner and coordinate with lawyers and accountants to provide the broadest base of knowledge for your donors.
  • Face-to-face meetings with donors on your behalf that provides personalized and confidential answers to their gift planning concerns.
  • Training of select staff and volunteers of your organization in the basic areas of gift planning.
  • Larger networking of time and effort by coordinating events and promotions of gift planning initiatives in your area.

As a member charity with Link Charity, you have access to all the resources and guidance you need to succeed in the gift planning world. It is like having a gift planning professional on your staff at a fraction of the cost.

What Advantages Does This Give Your Donors?

  1. Link Charity provides easy and cost effective donations of stocks and mutual funds, which can save hundreds of dollars in brokerage fees.
  2. By using Link Charity’s Gift Annuities, the donor is supporting multiple charities under one annuity, saving time, money and effort. Gift Annuities have provided the highest level of return to charities and donors over Link Charity’s 15 year history.
  3. By using Link Charity’s estate planning expertise, it could save hundreds of dollars in fees and taxes.
  4. Donors can choose to be anonymous and selective to their causes under Link Charity’s guidance.
  5. Donors can create a type of Family Foundation through a Donor Advised Funds program without all the costs and legalities of creating their own.
  6. Donors can save thousands of dollars in taxes both now and at estate time by having one of our consultants establish a strategic gift plan for their estate.
  7. Donors can be assured that all discussions and work done by Link Charity is held in the strictest of confidence.


There is two parts to our fees: initiation fees and annual dues. Initiation fee is a one-time initial cost to a new approved charity to help with costs associated with establishing your presence on our website as well as other administrative expenses. This cost is set annually at our AGM and is currently $1,000. Our annual fee is geared to the size of your charity, and is based on your annual charitable receipts:

Under $1 Million     $1,000
$1 Million +           $2,000

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Referral Reimbursement Plan:

When working with our members we recognize that most of our donor base will be shared with our members. In other words, we are as successful as our members. To help promote this we have initiated a Referral Reimbursement Plan. As the member charity provides donors that use our services we will ‘reimburse’ that charity ½% per year out of the investment income for a maximum of five years.  One $50,000 Gift Annuity will pay back the charity a total of $1,250 over the next five years ($250/year X 5). By using this program you can have your fees paid for in no time at all.

Gift planning is a long-term strategy that could be the missing link to a charities sustainable mission. Unlike fundraising that meets the needs of the day-to-day operations in frequent yet smaller amounts, gift planning can provide large strategic amounts over a longer period of time.

Link Charity will partner with your charity to provide the necessary knowledge and tools to help your charity successfully engage your donors to consider gift planning.