Donor Advised Funds

Happy senior lady with a walker or wheel chair and children. Grandmother and kids enjoying a walk in the park. Child supporting disabled grandparent. Family visit. Generations love and relationship.A Donor Advised Fund allows you the donor to set up an investment fund that in turn makes regular gifts to your favourite charities for a set period of time or for generations to come.  In essence, by setting up a Donor Advised Fund you can think of yourself as the CEO of a small ‘foundation’ without all the expense.


  1. Unlike a charitable foundation with all of its restrictions a Donor Advised Fund is completely flexible.  There are no restrictions on the amount of capital retained, on the amount of gifts released or on the accruing interest.
  2. You release an immediate charitable tax receipt on the original donation amount.  Any subsequent donations to the fund also receive an immediate receipt.
  3. Multiple donors could give to your fund.  In essence, you are creating a family named foundation.
  4. You can choose the gifts to be sent anonymously.

How We Can Help

Link Charity provides a simple streamlined approach to establishing a Donor Advised Fund.  It is as simple as informing Link Charity of your desires and writing your initial donation, Link Charity does the rest for you.

Link Charity ensures the donation gets invested in its permanent investment pool (at an average of 8% over the past 15 years).

Annually or semi-annually Link Charity provides you the donor with a report with the fund amount and ask for direction for its disbursement.  These directions for disbursements can also be set up automatically and changed only by the donor.

Please visit our forms section for sample forms and examples of letter of intent.

Let George and Helen‘s story inspire you on creating a Donor Advised Fund.