Using Link Charity as a Channel

In many ways, a Will acts as a channel for all your earthly goods.  Link Charity could be a useful tool when it comes to settling your estate.  We offer a simple and effective solution by acting as a channel to receive all of your estate gifts by distributing the total proceeds to a multiple of charities in one Letter of Direction outlined by you. In essence, Link Charity becomes the ‘One Stop Shop’ for all your charitable estate needs.

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  1. A letter of direction can be changed at any time. This is far more convenient and flexible than having the Will amended by codicils drawn up by your lawyer.  Furthermore, a letter of direction could contain more instructions as to how each charity is to use its money, since these letters can be changed so readily.  This allows the donor to target more current or more limited objections.
  2. Would you like one or more charity to receive a gift from your estate anonymously? Simply leave the gift to Link Charity with that instruction. Your estate receives the charitable receipt from Link Charity, but the recipient charity will not be informed of the donor’s identity.
  3. Want more privacy? Any beneficiary that is left a percentage or a share (rather than a fixed sum) has a right not only to a copy of the full Will, but also an inventory of all the assets, and has a right to a full accounting from the executors to make sure fair value was received for all assets.  Instead of many charities seeing these details, Link Charity can do all these things for you and for your family left behind.
  4. Want to reduce the work for your executors? Many Wills include eight or ten charities.  That’s work for the executors.  Executors send a notarized copy of the Will, assets inventory, installment cheques, obtain clearances, final cheques, multiple charitable receipts etc to each charity.  It’s more efficient to have one charity act as the funnel to leave the gifts to many charities.

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