Link Charity Donor Advantages

  1. Save hundreds of dollars in lawyer fees by using Link Charity’s letter of direction with your will.
  2. Easy and cost effective process for donating stocks and mutual funds, which can save hundreds of dollars in brokerage fees and capital gains.
  3. When supporting multiple charities under one Link Charity Gift Annuity you will save time, money and effort.
  4. Your donations can be anonymous and selective to many charities using one giving tool.
  5. Create a type of Family Foundation through a Donor Advised Fund program without all the costs and legalities involved in other programs.
  6. Save thousands of dollars in taxes both now and at estate time with Link Charity’s customized gift giving estate plan.

Link Charity Giving Tools

Charitable Gift Annuities
A gift that also provides you with an excellent lifetime income.

Donor Advised Funds
Form your own Family Foundation.

Charitable Loan Agreements permits you to lend your money for Link Charity to use in its investments with a greater rate of return.

Gift of Securities which provides tax free capital gains.

Life Insurance donation options helps your estate bypass probate

RRSP/RRIF beneficiary changes help reduce probate and tax at estate time.

Bequests Wills are a simple bequest that can go a long way.


We make Gift Planning..simplified. Check out our donor resources area to simplify your gift planning efforts.

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